TechTalk Education, Inc.

TechTalk Education is a technical training site for students who want to work in the IT industry.

Hello, and thanks for reading about my company! TechTalk Education is a YouTube-based training site that is designed for students of any age who want to work in an Information Technology (IT) career. Before going into teaching at the secondary level Dr. Heldman had a long and productive IT career (you can see his resume here).

Whether your student wants to learn about programming, networking, cybersecurity, or other facets of computer technology, this site will provide real, honest-to-goodness hard-core technical training.

Much of the emphasis in the coursework is how to earn technical certifications, which are super important for folks wanting to work in the IT industry. We will also pay attention to relevant concepts such as the Transmission Control Protocol - Internet Protocol (TCP-IP), the language of the Internet, Python programming, operating systems, especially the Linux operating system, and other training tracks.

We will recommend texts that your student can purchase to assist them in their technical pursuits as well as additional online training resources (free or paid) that can serve as next steps for your student.. Additionally, for those students and/or parents who want a way to track their progress, I will be offering quizzes and exams that are germane to the subject.


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TechTalk Education, Inc.

TechTalk Education, Inc.

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