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Science of Sport brings math and science to life through hands on learning, using sports examples.

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Science of Sport is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to developing curriculum and programming that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). To date, we've served over 350,000 students from schools across the country. To learn more about Science of Sport, visit our website:

Our Science of Sport Homeschool Program is designed to bring math and science to life through hands-on learning activities using sports examples and by providing engaging STEM programs for middle school learners, grades 6th - 8th.

Homeschool students will have access to our Learning Management System, Brightspace. Lessons will be self-paced and student-led. Each month the student will receive one Homeschool Module, consisting of four (4) lessons. Lessons are cross-curricular and will include math, science and physical education standards. The lessons cover up to 12 difference sports over the course of the year, reflecting the seasonality of the sports, thus encouraging family discussion around real-time sports examples through current events. 

The sports included in our Modules are:
Track & Field

Our purpose is to provide students with real world applications of STEM that focus on kinesthetic learning, scientific methods and topics that are focuses around STEM. 

Programming is engaging , interactive and fun, while promoting academic and athletic growth all in your home environment. 


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