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Online, real-time, one-on-one music lessons for students of all levels and instruments!

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  1. Children learn to play music with proven methods and the songs they know and love (pop, rock, CCM, songs from movies).
  2. All coaches have college degrees in music.
  3. Schedule lessons when it works for your family.
  4. Save money on gas and time in the car with online lessons on our proprietary lesson platform.
  5. Study instruments, learn to read music, music theory, ear training, and more!
  6. Save money on weekly lessons with a subscription!

Best Music Coach provides online, real-time, one-on-one lessons for students of all levels and most instruments/musical areas of study.

Empower students and coaches to discover and achieve their personal musical goals.


  • Mental and physical health come first. 
  • All are welcome. 
  • Love your neighbor as you love yourself; Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
  • All students and coaches are musicians and artists and should be treated with the utmost respect. 
  • Encourage but be honest. 
  • Hire only those who are committed to furthering and refining the art of coaching music and empower them to do so.
  • Prepare professional-track students for the top universities, music programs, and professional opportunities.
  • Provide high-quality, emotion-engaging, fun, growth-opportunity-creating, and artistic outlet for non-professional track students. 
  • Make it easy and simple for coaches to teach students, and easy for students to keep coming back.
  • Ask questions first. 
  • Tell me if I have lettuce stuck between my teeth.
  • Be honest with ourselves and with our students about what it really takes to achieve a professional level or achieve success in any field. 
    • Sustained, consistent, high-quality work.
    • Creating and maintaining good relationships.


Company Info

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