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ACM is now offering an online music theory class for college credit. The course is specifically designed for advanced high school and home school music students. This is a perfect opportunity for summer academic advancement. We are now accepting applications. Classes start July 5. See class descriptions for details.

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American College of Music

American College of Music

Introduction to Music Theory (MU 101)

The American College of Music has been offering 100% educational programs designed for working music educators since 2019.

As part of the newly developed educational extension program, ACM is offering an Introduction to Music Theory, MU 101. This course is traditionally taken by first-year college students majoring in music and is now offered to advanced high school and home school students for college credit.

Students will have access to the same faculty who teach the graduate program at ACM that have over thirty years of experience in teaching K-12 music education and are credentialed in California, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Accelerated 10-week course that is 100% Online

  • The course consists of Music Theory, Ear Training, Music History, and Musical


  • Instruction by music education and music theory faculty

  • MU 101is the equivalent of the first semester of college or university music


  • Financial Aid Available

  • Students must be able to read music.

Most importantly, ACM Online does not accept any government funding and relies on private donations to help support its educational mission and values.


Company Info

American College of Music

American College of Music

Special Offer

$100.00 off at enrollment. Use Coupon Code: SAVE100

Expires: Mar 25, 2022

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