Uprooted Academy

We give students an online course to prepare for a robust college application.

Accessible, scaleable, and cost-effective college access resources are core to Uprooted Academy’s vision to increase options to support students to have the social capital to apply to college. By having a virtual course with virtual workshops allows for access for our homeschool partners. Having college application resources through a video and episode-based layout allows students to start, stop, rewind and pause on demand, using their phones, tablets, and laptops. Coupling our tech-enabled, on-demand format with relevant social-emotional supports for students, puts Uprooted Academy in a league by itself. Uprooted Academy has been an effective solution for students across the United States. Uprooted Academy (Uprooted)  is a key component of a well-rounded college access program.  Our extensive experience and proven track record make Uprooted a safe bet. Students gain confidence and skills using Uprooted - providing a better overall experience and improving their college acceptance rates.   The Uprooted tech platform/app meets students where they are and allows for entry points for students - those who are eager to start the application or late bloomers who may delay their college search process. Additionally, Uprooted comes with a digital workbook with activities students can use to prepare for a robust application. , Next, our intentional use of simple language separates us from large-scale resources. This means students without any at-home support can have a successful application experience by using Uprooted.   Lastly, the Uprooted app and tech platform allow parents and other caregivers the opportunity to participate and learn alongside the student by accessing on-demand resources on a schedule that works for their family and student.  


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