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Ed. tools for families that support healthy, eco-conscious living.

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Eco-Learning Legacies

Eco-Learning Legacies

Eco-Learning Legacies creates educational tools for families that support them in nourishing wellness in their bodies and the earth, and preparing them for the future they are destined to inherit. Today's generation is living in an increasingly toxic world that is hurting its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We're just beginning to realize the consequences of its interaction with the virtual world. Attention deficit, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, autism, and many of the chronic health issues that are affecting our children, can be directly linked to their exposure to toxins in the environment, as well as nutritional deficiencies, and even prescription drugs. Our aim is to support families in learning about how they can reconnect with nature's wisdom for living well, and in that process, create a clean, green, non-toxic lifestyle that invites a healthy and loving connection with their bodies, minds, and spirits, as well as the earth and all living things.


We have 3 sister websites, which make it easy for you to zero in on the products that fit your needs best. 


Here's a snapshot of our signature product:   


* Eco-Mentoring with Tabletop TUTORS Toolkit (Features 250+ colorful, text-rich infographics and quizzes that make it easy and fun for parents and family members to learn about health and eco-conscious living.) The whole set is available now at: (Small category sets are coming soon at: 


Here's a sampling of additional educational tools that we invite you to check out!    


* Parent-Support Training Toolkits (These feature dozens of tools that support parents in raising healthy and balanced kids and young adults, including those with special needs such as autism spectrum, learning challenges, anxiety and depression, etc.) Available at:  


* 2 Eco-Intelligent Nutrition Curriculum Toolkits (These feature dozens of tools that support parents and learners in exploring the value and necessity of regenerative  farming, eco-conscious nutrition, and creative meal-making with nature's traditional whole foods.) Available at:  


* Eco-Bites Food Treasure Hunt Game (A fun, hands-on, non-digital game activity for the whole family that inspires awareness about the ways that industrial food production and organic food production impact of  the health of our bodies and the earth.)  Available at: 


* Eco-Mentor Leadership Training (Online Learning for Teens & Young Adults)

1) Eco-Mentor Apprentice: Follow in Candia Lea Cole's footsteps on her journey to understand, manage, and heal the symptoms of environmental illness in her body, and use her educational experiences as a catalyst for creating a multi-dimensional, activity-rich eco-lifestyle curriculum for humanity. 

2) Eco-Mentor Activist: Embark upon the 6 step pathway to eco-intelligent living that Candia unearthed on her self-learning, self-healing journey. Dive deep into the heart's core of personal and planetary well-being and cultivate the interests and skills that support you in becoming an Eco-Mentor. Available September 2022 at:   


We look forward to enriching your family's educational life, and like you, we believe that the strength of our nation, our world, and our earth, begins in the home!  



Company Info

Eco-Learning Legacies

Eco-Learning Legacies

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