Bitsbox is a learning system that teaches real coding.

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Coding for kids, computer programming for kids, STEM projects for kids

Bitsboxes arrive in a sequence. Each box has a kid-friendly theme and introduces a new computer science concept.

Coordinates & Basic Commands

Variables & Simple Methods

Conditionals & Interactions

Functions & Timing Commands

Box 1 - Coordinates & Basic Commands

Level 1 introduces 2D coordinates and Bitsbox's Stamp, Fill, and Text commands. Includes a Welcome card, an "Apper Keeper" binder, 12 animal-themed app projects, stickers, and a Level 1 Grownup Guide.

Box 2 - Variables & Simple Methods

Level 2 teaches variables and Bitsbox's Move, Rotate, and Size commands. Includes dividers for your “Apper Keeper” binder, 13 robot-themed app projects, progress stickers, and a Level 2 Grownup Guide.

Box 3 - Conditionals & Interactions

Level 3 highlights conditional statements and Bitsbox's Tap and Drag functions. Includes 11 fantasy-themed app projects, progress stickers, and a Level 3 Grownup Guide.

Box 4 - Functions & Timing Commands

Level 4 demonstrates the concept of custom functions and Bitsbox's Repeat, Delay, and .tap commands. Includes 9 flight-themed app projects, progress stickers, and a Level 4 Grownup Guide.

What will I receive?

Coding apps

Tailor-made for kids

grownup guides

Hilarious example apps

Bitsbox's massive library of app projects provides endless inspiration and guidance for young app inventors.

Kids code apps on the Bitsbox website. It's 100% online, so kids can log into their accounts anytime, anywhere.

Tailor-made for kids

Our custom-designed Apper Keeper keeps your kid's Bitsbox materials organized and easy to use. Each binder holds six months' worth of projects.

As kids complete the projects in this box, they can use the included stickers and sticker chart to track their progress. Who doesn't love stickers?

Help for grownups

Every Bitsbox includes a helpful Grownup Guide with information about the month's new coding concepts and commands.

Not sure how coordinates work in coding? No problem! We've written a compact primer that will fill you in. No experience necessary.

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Teach your kids to love coding

Bitsbox was founded in 2014 by two former Googlers who wanted to teach kids to code. Their idea was to combine beautifully designed example projects with a simple website where kids could build apps and share them with their friends and family. Sending the projects by mail on a regular schedule keeps kids excited and makes coding easier to learn.

Today, the Bitsbox team is made up of 12 men and women in Boulder, Colorado, with backgrounds in coding, fine art, biology, theater, graphic design, engineering, architecture, business, and literature. Who says coding is only for computer scientists?

Two Coders!


Which box will I receive?

All Bitsbox subscriptions start with Box 1 (Animal House). If you've already received Box 1, contact the seller through Amazon immediately after you subscribe.

What kind of computer do I need to do Bitsbox?

Bitsbox teaches typed coding, so a keyboard is critical. The best computer is a laptop or desktop running Chrome, Safari, or any modern web browser.

What programming language does Bitsbox teach?

Bitsbox uses JavaScript with a handful of custom commands that make it easier for beginners to build stuff with cool graphics and sounds.


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