Go2Science engages young learners (PreK-5) in real science adventures around the world!

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Go2Science is a multi-age, interdisciplinary online program for learners 4-11 years old. Our flexible, fun, and easy-to-use materials engage PreK-5th grade learners in real-world science research missions. Each science adventure has a story arch that captivates kids and adults!

Each research mission includes:

  • Hypothesis video featuring a different scientist (gives the basic idea for the adventure)
  • 12 field 5-6 minute videos (testing the hypothesis in the field)
  • 12 associated multi-age lessons
  • 12 related 20-25 minute livestream sessions
  • A six episode original science fiction comic in print and video read-aloud formats
  • 3D print files (printing is optional)
  • And more!

Join us “live” for featured missions or work at your own pace using our on-demand missions. Learners build critical thinking skills and an understanding of the scientific method while investigating science concepts and, at the same time, build reading, writing, and math skills. Lessons are flexible and use simple materials.

We bring the world to your young learners right at home!


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