Top pick for Homeschoolers! A story-based, FUN mobile game where kids acquire Spanish naturally!

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Open Doors for your child... 

teach them a new language! 


FabuLingua teaches kids Spanish through interactive stories set in a mobile game. Based on our science-backed patent, FabuLingua helps kids acquire new languages naturally and subconsciously - learning a language no longer means boring vocabulary drilling and memorization!


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FabuLingua is beloved by homeschooled kids because it does not feel like schoolwork, it’s a FUN mobile game (think Pokemon and Zelda meets interactive stories).  FabuLingua is beloved by Homeschool parents because it is so effective at getting kids to speak (it’s based on the science of language learning) and is designed for independent learning so parents don’t need to speak any Spanish themselves!


FabuLingua combines the power of stories, mobile gaming and the science of second language acquisition to bring you the best (and most FUN!) language-learning experience for kids and teenagers.  Built for Elementary and Middle School children, we get feedback that kids of all ages love learning through our mobile game with cute characters and cool explorer quests!


Built specifically with Homeschool families in mind, we provide all of the above at the amazing value of $69.99/year for up to 6 student profiles!


Do you want to further incentivize your children's Spanish-learning?  

Check out the FabuLingua's Merch Store so you can gift your kids cute FabuLingua t-shirts

with their favorite characters and inspire your child ¡en español!


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Use Promo Code NHSAFREEMONTH when you purchase your subscription so you can get a FREE Month (valued at $8.99!)

Expires: Dec 31, 2025

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