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Piano Marvel is a piano teaching software that was developed by piano teachers for piano students.

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Piano Marvel is a piano teaching software that was developed by professional piano teachers. It was built for teachers and parents to successfully monitor their students/children’s progress while allowing students to progress through the lessons at their own pace. The software also includes over 25,000 pieces in the Music Library, so students have music from every level and genre to choose from. There are great recital pieces, fun pop music, classical, spiritual, jazz, and much more! You'll never need to purchase sheet music or piano books again! You can even upload your own compositions to play in Piano Marvel and share with your friends. Piano Marvel has several different modes that allow for the best, personalized learning environment. Prepare Mode waits for the student to find the right notes and doesn't move on until the red notes are green. Assess Mode requires the student to play at the correct rhythm and tempo and gives them a score at the end while showing all of their correctly played notes in green and incorrectly played notes in red. This allows them to see where their mistakes are and try to improve each time through. Most students won't settle for less than 100% before moving on. Practice Mode divides more difficult pieces into smaller pieces for faster learning and then puts them together to allow the student to learn and play the whole piece. Piano Marvel is also the only piano software that includes the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading, or the SASR that allows students to know what their sight reading ability is and improve it! We also run different challenges throughout the year, such as the Christmas Challenge and the newest addition to our Challenges, the Composition Competition, to challenge and engage students in some friendly competition and chances to win fun prizes. These features and many more make up the comprehensive and fun curriculum that students have at their disposal for learning to play the piano.


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