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Our self-paced courses use AI to support our students' journeys to becoming tech savvy.

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Rex Academy

Rex Academy

Rex Academy is dedicated to making a practical, high-quality coding and Computer Science education universally available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our online platform makes it easy to teach and learn Computer Science and Technology skills to kids ages 7 and above. 

Key Features of Rex Academy's Technology Learning Platform and Curriculum

  1. We offer a project-based curriculum that prioritizes student success with individualized class experiences.  

  1. Our curriculum includes interactive video lessons and coding simulations to encourage student engagement.  

  1. Our platform adapts to your child's learning style as they complete their classes.

  1. Our platform hosts virtual, online coding labs for each assignment.

  1. Our career pathways prepare our students for industry-standard certifications.

  1. We offer a fun and engaging curriculum that follows K-12 learning standards.


Our Course Offerings:

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Course Pricing

Instructor-Led, Private Classes

  • $480 for 12 1-Hour Classes

Self-Study Course

  • $119 for 20 Hour Courses
    • Animations Using Alice
    • Microsoft Game Development (Kodu)
    • MIT Game Development (Scratch)
    • Mobile App Development
  • $299 for 60 Hour Courses
    • AP Computer Science A
    • Java
    • Python
    • Web Design
  • $350 for 120 Hour Courses
    • Cybersecurity

Assistance and Support

Students work at their own pace, but they are never alone. Rex Academy's instructors are available to help! Homework solutions are provided after student completion. Homework, class assignments, and quizzes are automatically graded on our learning platform!


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Company Info

Rex Academy

Rex Academy

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