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Juggle Learning, along with all the learning materials featured here, was created by certified elementary reading and ESL teachers from Houston, Texas. Although we enjoy all topics related to education, this brand did not grow solely from our passion for our jobs. It developed from boredom. You read that correctly! We were bored! Not in our adult lives, but as students, years ago!

We vividly remember not being very stimulated by regular classroom learning materials. Like most children, we deeply loved learning when we were highly engaged. Unfortunately, in some schools, the highly engaging materials and curriculum were few and far between. Over time, our work and education taught us even more about what little ones need to grow and thrive. 

We combined all of these experiences to thoughtfully develop products for Juggle, taking into account that children learn more when they are having fun, and when it doesn’t seem like “work.” Children also need less screen time and more hands-on lessons. Connecting with family through learning and play has its benefits too! This helps them to form trusting, secure relationships with others. We are proud to produce products that address all these key areas!  

?We hope you will keep visiting to check out the new materials being listed! We will continue supporting parents who are juggling it all and trying to help their little learners reach their full potential!


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