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Digital Literacy Lessons | Empower students for the future with project based ICT & STEM curriculum.

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Thanks for visiting the TechnoKids store. We have over 30 technology projects!

We know you want to make learning fun and meaningful. Our ICT and STEM curriculum resources promote digital literacy using project based learning. Your child will learn essential skills while completing engaging tasks.

smiley Transform your child into a "techno" kid! They can learn how to:

  • code a game
  • build a website
  • publish a newsletter, biography, or report
  • animate a cartoon
  • design an interactive map
  • write and illustrate stories
  • graph and analyze data
  • and more...

Each TechnoKids technology project has everything you need to teach. You receive a teacher guide with detailed lessons, workbook with step-by-step instructions, and teacher tools such as quizzes and examples.


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